Light Tubes used for day light harvesting mounted through the ceiling maximize natural light and can be used in conjunction with a control system. Light Tubes can reduce a company’s light-related energy costs to zero for up to 10 hours a day. Roofing penetrations are made in an array to maximize light levels. Questions need to be addressed on roofing warranty. Combined with a lighting control system, a facility is able to maintain required foot-candles 24 hours a day and only use energy when needed.

Lighting Control Systems used to control the lighting system with each light fixture included in the control loop is an option. This would allow the facility to set start times and shut off times taking the human error factor out of daily use changes. Controls work well with photo controls while harvesting daylight and allow for partial shut down of area by area. It may also assist with programs offered by various utility companies for load shedding. Control system can be wireless and remotely controlled over the Internet. Control systems can be applied to only lighting or lighting and HVAC. These systems are expandable.